Volvo C70

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That’s right, they are using the “old” name for this all new model. Go figure.
The Old convertible was based on the larger S70 model.
This one is based on the small S40.
Let’s hope they’ll “pass the savings on us”. Right?

Engines are the same as the sedan and wagon versions. All 2.5Liter engines. With 170 or 220hp.
We don’t get the 140hp version.
No word on pricing, but if they want to sell any of these in the US, it better start well under $30 000.

The back seats looks OK. It’s never great in a compact convertible anyway.And they probably pushed the front seats all the way forward for the picture…
But this head curtain airbag, coming out of the top door panel is a genius idea!

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  1. yepo all my reports keep saying 34995.00 so well find out a freaking year from now april/may 2006 is the release date for c70 in the state’s

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