2006 Cadillac BLS

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This is the production version of the “small” European Cadillac. It looks just like the one shown a few months ago as a concept.
Even though every mechanical part comes from Saab, the car does look like a mini CTS. And that interior looks better than the $50000 STS!
Too bad for the stupid exchange rate between the dollar and the euro. That would have made a great $25000 Cadillac in the US…

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  1. i would have disagree that the saab 9-3’s interior is as nice, or even 1/3 as nice as the sts. but the bls, made a nice transition from malibu to cadillac, and looks to have been maybe a better idea as the entry level than the overly cheap interior, cts.

  2. The exchange rate wouldn’t matter much if the car was assembled in the US or Mexico. But I don’t think it’ll be coming here. Not in the near future anyways.

  3. what makes gm think anyone would buy a cadillac in europe (a brand with no reputation over here)especially when we’re perfectly happy with our Saab 9-3s? is it just me?

  4. im confused, i was under the impression the 9-3’s arent selling in europe…..and anyone happy with one doesnt know anything about luxury sedans, im sorry malibus with a slightly less ugly exterior, and lots of cheap black plastic on the outside, and overpriced…

  5. the redesigned 9-3s have never been selling in big numbers in europe. but why do we need another, more expensive version of one? look at the specs. its a sedan (like the 9-3 which lost sales dramatically after that change). and the freaky steering! just becasue it wears some glitzy badge doesnt exactly make it a “luxury” vehicle either.

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