2006 Honda Accord

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These are official photos of the revised US only Accords. (from the back of a brochure…)
The coupe seems to have new tail lights and trunk. While the sedan is made to look more like the coupe.
We already new…
But the European Accord is on the same time table and might also see some changes for 2006.
Which means some new stuff for our Acura TSX..

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  1. Zzzzzzzzz.

    At least the rear end is an improvement, however boring an improvement it may be.

    Honda, buy yourself some new designers already.


  2. The current Accord looks OK to me.

    Most people see the inside of their cars more than the outside, and the Accord’s interior (especially the EX with leather) is much classier than competitors IMO.

  3. OMG! I have been waiting to see these! Thank you so much for posting them! you have all the cars news before ne one else! I love this site! I think it looks really catchy despite what some people think. I hope it comes out tomorrow cause I am getting one! When does it come out by the way??

  4. The Accords have been introduced in mid August for the last 2 years. I bought my ’04 Accord EX-L during the last week of August, ’03, and it’s likely that the ’06 will be available in 2 or 3 weeks.

    Even though there are more changes for the ’06 Accord than in previous years since 2003, you should still be able to buy an early ’06 for very little over invoice ($200 to $400) at the start of the model year. This makes more sense than buying a leftover ’05 IMO.

  5. I know, Camry and Accord are always competing for the “best selling car in the US” title.
    So it’s easy to get a super good deal on them.

    But if you can wait, (at least to compare) look for the all new Camry early 2006. Maybe March. A really good looking car, with a much, much better interior. More like the Solara, but even better.
    And good deals on these too.

  6. Are those 17 inch wheels?? That’s a first. Honda’s may be boring at times (actually I think this is a pretty sweet looking car) but the are some of the most dependable cars in the world. I have had 3 hondas in my life, and I have had each for 7 years, with each having at least 150000 miles on them, and I have only had to change the oil, put new brake pads, wipers… the kinds of things you do to any car. Nothing major, except for a shorted out radio after 5 years and 110 thousand miles (it started smoking. It was hilarious). So I think quality is so much more important than spiffiness. And I also think the interior on the current Accord is the best of any 20-30 thousand dollar sedan out there today.

  7. I would get the new Impala over the camry or accord. The fit and finish is excellent and its great value.

  8. I never really thought the Accord was ugly at all until 2005 and the tailights were changed to all red i wish they put white on the tailights the sedan is getting all red which makes it look dated but it does look more stylish.
    I also am a fan of horizontal tailights Hyundai’s Sonata has a nicer copied rear.

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  10. All hondas in the entire world are very very very very very reliable and quality cars but look like crap and old and UGLY and etc…

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