2006 Honda Civic

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Even though this is really the sedan version sold in some Asian countries, it has the same design as the US Civic.
As you can see, it doesn’t keep much from the futuristic European model…
Engines will be 140hp and 200 for the Si.
And the Hybrid also gets a new system with more power and even better mileage.
It’s just too bad “our Civic” is just OK looking. And it’s been like that for years !

It is now time for someone smart to take over that boring segment. (Civic, Corolla, Cobalt etc…) All little sedans that try too hard to look like big ones. The Mazda 3 is a good start.

We’ll have to see what Nissan is cooking up for next year…

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  1. The new Civic sedan might be one of those cars that has to be seen in the showroom rather than in photos to be appreciated.

    The ’06 European Civic hatchback is a more appealing and useful design, I think.

  2. Hi Vince Burlapp, I was just blog surfing and found you! Wow, I really like this one.
    It’s such a pleasure to read your post …. Interesting! I was over at another site

    looking at suv

    and they didn’t go into as much detail as you, but nonetheless interesting.

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