2006 Honda Civic

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These are exclusive “Burlapp” pictures of the all new Honda Civic.

All I can tell you is that I have to take back everything I’ve said about this car in the past few weeks.
It looks fantastic!
The top car is an EX sedan. With a 140hp 1,8 Liter engine.
It looks much larger in person than the current model. And much, much better. I saw a 2005 right after and it really looked like crap next to the new one. The 2006 also looks much more upscale.
The blue car is of course the new 200hp, 6 speed Si coupe. Inside, only the door design is different . Both the EX and Si can be ordered with a navigation system.

Sorry about the quality of this one, but I wasn’t even supposed to take any pictures. The badges on the cars were still covered.
The interior looks great and roomy. There are nice design and quality touches everywhere. Parking break,auto shifter, steering wheel, radio controls etc…
One of the best looking interior out there.

This is a bad picture, but what the Hell.. It is the new Hybrid. As you can see, only the wheels are different from the other sedans. And a very small spoiler in the back.

Overall I was more than imperessed with how the car looks. It seems really modern from the back. And the lights, although similar, do not actually make the car look like an Audi A4.

One great design that is sure to shake things up in the compact sedan segment.
Just when GM was trying hard with the Cobalt, Honda comes up with this and pulverizes it. Ford has nothing!
And from what I saw of the cheap looking Caliber, it doesn’t look like Chrysler will have a real contender anytime soon either…

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  1. Nice catch. With very little camo on these pics, I must say the 2006 Civic is looking quite nice in sedan form. If the regular coupe looks like the Si coupe then those will be very nice too.

    I’m surprised to see the Si out this early, I thought it wouldn’t be unveiled until mid November, maybe it is coming sooner than expected.

    Where did you get these, from the preview party that took place tonight? If so, we might see more pics from the one taking place in Boston tomorrow.

    BTW, I’m the same guy who got upset the other day with the pics from the ToyotaNation forum. With these pictures, I see that you do get some of your information for yourself. I still think it would be nice if you were to give a link to where you got the pics if they are from somewhere else. I was drinking that night, and I guess I got a little more upset about there being no link to the originating site than I should have. Sorry about that, mate.

  2. Thanks for your nice words.
    I know what you mean about the drinking….

    It was at an event in Hollywood. And they were watching like hawks for people taking pictures!
    The cars had no camouflage at all, except for the badges.
    And it looks even better in person. The interior is one of the best I’ve seen in years.
    I think that looks good for the next generation 2008 Accord. (not the ugly revised 2006) If they can put out such a car for under $20000, I can’t imagine what they’re going to do with their more expensive model.
    (although the next Camry looks damn good…)

  3. Do you recall if the interior had any leather or faux leather? I really don’t want a cloth interior!

  4. No, none of the cars had leather. And I think it is not available.
    Both sedans (EX and Hybrid) had a similar cloth and it looked very upscale to me. Much better than anything offered in the current model.
    The Si had a different black cloth with what looked like red stitching inserts.

  5. Vince, you said in part,

    “Ford has nothing!”

    But I beg to differ. When the dust settled, I bought a 2005 Focus ZX3 instead of a Mazda3, Cobalt, etc., for the simple reason that it has the most bang for the buck – $12,500 for a base model ZX3 with side airbags and ABS, plus the new Duratec series PZEV engine. It’s fast, economical, and safe.

    I am betting you are looking at $18,000-20,000 for the new Civic. Honda is DEFINITELY a premium compact, but you have to ante up the $$$. A lot of us still live on a budget.

    (That having been said, the Civic is on my short list of “next time” cars.)

  6. The new Civic is growing on me. It is a helluva lot classier than the current model, but I really prefer a three- or four-spoked steering wheel instead of two.

    Someone asked about leather. When I purchased my (yawn) 2001 Civic, the dealership had one on the lot with leather. Seems they have it done as a dealer installed option for around US$1500. It looked completely factory and of very high quality. Maybe larger market dealerships will provide this again for the next Civic.

    The biggest dissappointment with my 2001 model is the horrible ride quality that seemingly degraded when Honda did away with its vaunted double wishbone suspension for Civics. Any word on the new model having it rightfully returned?

  7. I am not sure, but I don’t think they are going back to the old (superior) suspension system…
    And any dealer will be more than happy to charge $1500 or more to put leather in almost any car.
    I’ve seen a lot of Priuses around with “dealer leather”.
    But I don’t think Honda is ready to move the Civic that much upmarket. It is already getting close (and better looking ) to the Accord.

  8. The sedan isn’t really nice Honda is losing there good styling cues from not to long ago. The coupe looks nice though but both the interiors are really ugly! Honda should stop trying to be original it seems like Honda gave their designers to Toyota and Toyota gave their designers to Honda!

  9. Hey Vince! 2nd post for me. wanted to relay the information to everyone that starting in ’06 Honda Civics will come standard with a 5 year/60k mile warranty to better compete with Toyota’s, Mazda’s, Scion’s etc etc. Not sure if this is general information yet or not so I’ll remain anonymous.

  10. That is great news about the waranty.
    I hope they advertize it! It really makes the car an even more compelling choice.

    I have to say, I really don’t like the current model. I drove it a couple of times, and found it really cheap looking and feeling inside. And it felt very “tippy” in corners. And the engines aren’t as smooth and refined as most of the press says

    I really hope the new one is more than a pretty face.

  11. That’s what I told them at the event. Say said as long as the car wasn’t officially out, they still had to cover the badges. Even when they had info stickers on the windows with most of the official specs!

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