2006 New Beetle

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These are from the European version.
Europeans won’t get the 2.5 Liter engine. That’s for the US market.
And they don’t get the redesigned console with new cupholder…Why produce 2 version of that??!!

But they do get the new green on the convertible, and an unexpected chrome detail around the coupe’s windows.
I don’t think the US versions get any of these 2 changes.

That’s not what the new Beetle needed anyway. Forget squared off fenders and bumpers. After 8 years of production, how about a new interior?!

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  1. Not much VW can do for an encore on this cute, clown car. Anyone but a teen-aged girl looks silly in one.

    The Beetle must retain its now tired, mound of dung shape to stay true to its purpose.

    Eventually people will buy so few of these things that it’ll be discontinued.

    My own personal opinion is that VW is a sleazy company and their cars have a lousy service record, too.

    Seems to me there are many better cars to consider than any VW.

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