2006 Opel Frontera

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It’s about time for Opel to replace the old Frontera, an Isuzu based SUV…

This spy shot is clearly the next Frontera, based on the Chevrolet/Daewoo small SUV concept shown last year.
But it seems that only the front lights and grill are different from the Chevy. Both cars are supposed to be sold in Europe.

Here is the Chevy concept, which is about 99% what the production one will look like.
I guess GM has done it for years in the US. Change a front end and create a “whole new car”. Just like they’re doing now with the Pontiac Torrent.
So sure, an Opel could just be a Chevy/Daewoo with new lights and bumpers. I guess…

It’s kind of sad though….

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  1. Do you think this thing bears some resemblence to the Saturn Outlook spypics that have been going around?

  2. Somehow that Saturn Outlook looks bigger to me. Actually too big for a Saturn.
    There are rumors about this one becoming the next Vue. But I think (hope) the Vue would have its own design.

  3. I don’t understand? Toyota has been rebadging it’s vehicles for years under the Lexus brand and charging an arm and a leg for them and you didn’t complain then. A little biased are we?

  4. If it were the new VUE it sure would improve on the last 2006 incremental update (yuck). I still prefer 2005 look. The equinox should have been the direct given to the new VUE with polymer panels instead of metal. The Torrent is just a waste for pseudo Pontirash styling suckers.

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