2006 Saab 9.5

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After so many years, Saab is finally taking care of the 9.5…Well.. Kind of.
All they did is redesign the front end and the rear lights.
At least, that’s what we can see from this photo, and the previous “spy shots” published over the past few weeks.
You know that’s not going to be enough to compete in that expensive segment…

Where is the (real) new one?!?!?

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  1. I like the looks of the front end design, but Saabs are still waaaaay down on my list of cars to consider buying. The fact that GM owns Saab only makes them even more undesirable.

  2. the front end looks like a concept car, its bold, futuristic, it speaks good of what the “real” new 95 will look like, hopefully rear wheel drive, with a v8 and v6

  3. no way! front wheel drive all the way! the 9-5 aero is crazy, its like the most powerful front wheel drive car! Its things like this which give saab its quirky character. As far as V8s go, doesnt seem very Saab like either. I only hope GM doesnt dilute this damaged brand even more. I think Saabs should be taylored to the Swedish and european markets, thats what created saab in the first place…

  4. marketing to others is what will sell, and keep the brand alive. i think a v8 would be a good idea, a rear wheel drive platform seems smarter than the one under the malibu for a saab, maybe a stretched solstice platform, for the 9-3, and 9-5, and the 9-x concept. like cadillac has the same platform for all models.

  5. while the new front end of the car looks rather good, i still think many people wont buy this saab, let alone any saab. too bad for gm i guess. saab needs to improve on its image, dealers, reliability, and marketing if it wants to survive.

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