2006 Toyota RAV4

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At first, this looked a bit fake to me. But it is not.
This was just published in Japan as the 1st official photo of the all new RAV4.
A V6 should be a new option, at least in the US. And it doesn’t look like a 3rd row seat can make it this time.
You can also expect a hybrid about a year later.
This and the next Camry really show that Toyota is becoming serious about making their mainstream cars modern and attractive.

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  1. Looks like a winner. I hope they upgrade the seat fabric in the new model. Currently, it’s cheap looking and feeling.

  2. You need to check out the forums on autoweek.com. There’s a guy who steals your pix and text and posts them in the “SHEETMETAL STUFF” forum.

  3. This picture of the new RAV4 was not first published in Japan. This picture was first published by Toyota GB in the UK. The new RAV4 has not been announced in Japan yet and will be at the Tokyo Motorshow in October this year.

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