2006 Toyota Sienna

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The Sienna minivan gets a new front end for the 2006 model year. (top photo)

It’s not going to make it exiting. But I guess that’s not what most US minivan buyers want.
Now it looks even more generic than before..
Nothing yet about engines, but the Avalon 3.5 V6 is a strong possibility. At least as an option.

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  1. It’s not going to make it exiting.

    exiting ? where is it going ? ohh do you mean exciting ? exit means to leave, excite means to make it more desirable

  2. Lots of people care about minivans.If I had a need for space, I’d pick one over an SUV any day.
    A friend of mine just bought a brand new Odyssey. Even thought I ‘m really not crazy about the design, I was amazed at the quality of everything. Smart details everywhere. Amazing amout of space thanks to a low floor.
    I think they just need to have a bit more style. Like the ones available in Europe.

  3. You’re slow man. It’s been known for a little while now that the Sienna retains its old engine but with a revised 215HP figure as a result of the new SAE testing standards.

  4. the only minivan i’d ever even consider would be the renault espace. It’s stylish, cool and modern and was the first minivan to be built as one from the ground up. The original wasn’t even supposed to be a renault, it was going to be a talbot and was built out of plasticy stuff, so unlike all other minivans handled like a european car!

  5. The Espace is great, but pretty expensive. The 1st one was engenered by Matra who used to make great looking cars. Before they got swallowed by Renault.. Who killed them later…

  6. It looks alot better and the Renault Espace gross that is just crazy looking! It looks better than that odd shaped oddity the Honda Odyssey. Minivans aren’t cool but they sure are functional.
    The 04-05 Siennas had an ugly grill design and I don’t know why people think this new one isnt nice.

  7. The 2006 Toyota Sienna looks better than the 2005 version but the front end seems to be cheeky and not fitted too well to the rest of the vehicle especially the rear end. But on and all Toyota has done a great job on the Sienna but it’s just a tad too late because the Honda Odyssey is the benchmark of the class and it might take Toyota a few years to win back the benchmark of the class.

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