2006 US Civic Interior.

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Not as crazy looking as the European model, but still very nice and futuristic.
Thank God they didn’t make it as boring as the exterior.
This looks to be the EX model with the newly available navigation system.
So the best looking one of the bunch should be the EX coupe.( without with the ugly spoiler from the Si). Which actually looks much better than the sedan but shares the great interior.

Keep in mind this seems to be a pre-productiom model. The interior colors and trims will match better in production…

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  1. That’s…different! And the steering wheel? I’m not sure what to think, but I can’t wait for the final pictures to come out. Thanks, Vince!

  2. Thanks Vince! I’m 33 and have had nothing but Honda’s my entire life (5 diff. civics and one prelude) so of course I’m watching to see how this 8th Gen civic turns out. I’m not thrilled about either the interior or the exterior and I think they could’ve done more with it, taken it even further, but that’s Honda. Safe designs, safe cars. Looking forward to any future interior/exterior shots.

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