Chevrolet Vectra

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This one is jut for the Brazilian market. But it might also end up in other south American countries.
It is actually a sedan version of the Opel Astra. But for once, that “trunk added” version looks pretty nice.
And it would make a decent replacement for the Saturn Ion.

It looks like a smaller Aura already.

Let’s bring Opela back over here as Saturns. That’s the only way to save that brand.
They’re not going to do it by slapping the Saturn name on a Chevy minivan…

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  1. Based on the same platform with an Opel design.
    The interior is also almost exactly the same as the Opel.
    The Ion is another one based on the same…
    But I think this one looks more upscale than the Cobalt.

  2. The Chevrolet Vectra shown is based on GMs Epsilon platform, which also underpins the Opel Vectra, the Chevrolet Malibu and Malibu Maxx, the Pontiac G6, the Saab 9-3 and the upcoming Saturn Aura. The Chevy Cobalt and Saturn Ion are built on the smaller Delta platform. If I’m not mistaken, the Opel Astra, which is in the same class as the Cobalt and Ion, is built off an updated version of the platform that preceded the Delta, and not the Delta platform itself.

  3. Wrong.
    This Chevrolet IS based on the German Opel Astra. NOT the larger Vectra.
    Check the Brazilian car with a picture of the Opel Astra.
    Same windshiled, front doors etc…
    The German Vectra is a completely different car.

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