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In a few days, Ford will unveil the Iosis concept in Germany. It is supposed to show us their design direction for the next Mondeo. But this will need lots of changes to be produced as a mid sized 4 door family car…
The lower cut of the rear door won’t work. And of course, it’ll need conventional doors all around.
Some rumors are also suggesting it might be the new Capri.
One thing is sure, there is no room for this in the US, between the 500 and the Vision. So don’t drool too much.
And the style, although impressive, looks a lot like the new Jaguar XK. Not a good thing for Jaguar.

If you owned both brands, wouldn’t you want to make sure they look different???

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  1. Haha, its almost surprising to see such a cool, stunning design from ford. But then again than sport van concept they came out with before was pretty cool too. Since it does seem similar to the new jag, it could be an interesting luxury sports car if ever produced.

  2. %#!@ ford! show any american a photo of the 500 and then show the same person a photo of this new Iosis. what do you think they would like better? nobody wants a 500. thats why the dealer gave me a $6,000 discount on mine. i dont care how much id have to pay for this new Iosis, something this good from ford comes along only so often…

  3. I don’t care what it suppose to look like. People would be knocking down the door to buy this car if it were sold in the US.

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