The good old days…1956

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With 2006 models around the corner, I thought it could be a good idea to look back 50 years ago.

All these cars were concepts, and were never produced. But they give us an idea of what dreams were made of in 1956.
Back when GM was showing the rest of the world how to design cars, and when people were actually considering buying a Mercury.
Compare them to what we’re actually driving now. A whole half a century later…

1956 Buick Centurion

1956 Firebird

1956 Mercury Turnpike

1956 Oldsmobile Golden Rocket

1956 Impala concept

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  1. In those days, GM was the envy of the world. Look what Roger Smith and other morons have done to that once great company. It makes me want to cry.

    But I won’t cry–I’ll just buy something else just like millions of other people have done.

    There are signs of recovery at GM, but there have been so many false starts over recent decades that I’ll believe it only when I see it.

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