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The super good looking Pontiac solstice is being shipped to dealers today!!!
So they could arrive any time.
I’ve been waiting for this car a long time.

I just went to a Chevrolet dealer and saw a few HHRs. (another great design)
I loved it at the Auto show. But the production model was a bit of a let down. The doors (which felt heavy and sounded very solid on the pre-production model), were kind of tiny and metalic sounding…
And I saw 2 of them. A base one, although pretty well equiped, for a bit over $17000.
And another one for over $22000, without a sunroof.

I would really wait a bit for discounts to kick in on that one…

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  1. Ok GM, that is one great looking car. I will definitely test drive it, but, until the coupe comes out wouldn’t buy one. Live in the north you know!

  2. ok first of all, its a pontiac, and second of all its fucking ugly , if u r going to actually spend money on that shit, u need help

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