Jeep Concepts

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First is the Compass. A slightly altered concept version of a new Jeep model for next year.
The Compass will be the 1st car based Jeep. To better compete with CRVs and RAV 4s…
I thought the Liberty was supposed to do that….

This one is the Patriot Concept.
This might just be the long awaited 4 door version of the next Wrangler. And it does look like what a Jeep should be.
But then again.. What about the Liberty???

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  1. The Liberty replaced the Cherokee, which is nothing like the CRV or Rav4!!!

    and tes the do look like Jeeps don’t they?

  2. Many of these Jeeps seem to occupy the same niche– they all seem very similar in size. Is there really a need for so many different models?

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