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Just another shot (not mine this time) showing the very nice flowing profile of the car.
I think it looks much better than what the zoom distorted spy photos were showing us a few weeks ago.

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  1. Good photo which shows what the car really looks like. No doubt the new Civic will prove to be the best compact car in a field of some very good ones.

    The new, Mazda 3 and the Toyota Corolla are superb cars–maybe better than the current Civic.

    But the ’06 Civic will receive the best reviews, I think. Amazing how good the compacts have become.

  2. My thoughts exactly.
    These cars have become quite amazing. The new Civic is much better than the Accord used to be just a few years ago.
    And if you adjust the prices for inflation, they’re not that much more expensive.

  3. As good as the Civic is, even if better than the Accord of a number of years ago, the Civic won’t be as good as the current Accord in my opinion.

    It really can’t be, of course, because Honda is too smart to let a lower-priced car outclass a more profitable one.

    The current Accord is so good that I know of no compact that can match it in most categories–at least that was my experience when testing cars and ultimately buying an Accord EX-L two years ago.

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