“Small” Rolls Royce

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They have made it official, there will be a smaller model for Rolls Royce.
This is the 1st illustration I’ve seen of it.
Just like every luxury car maker out there, they are moving down market. In this case, they are going against the $160 000 Bentley GT.
No news on what it will be based, but a stretched BMW 7 series platform is a good bet.

By the way, Bentley is moving down even further, with an even “cheaper” sedan model priced under $100 000!

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  1. this is just me, and personally i would never buy something like this if i had the money(350,000 first, than half that the next year). but doesnt it take away the brand allure if more people can afford them, and would this hurt 7 series sales, if people know they are the same car….seems like a bad strategy to take the worlds most prestigious brands down scale, because the question how far down will they go, and how much will they tarnish the image in the process…..

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