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Just wondering why they never actually produced that prototype.
Seems like it would have been a logical update a couple of years ago.
I guess we’ll never know. The all new ones are coming early next year.
Just when gas passed $3 a gallon. And it’ll be closer to 4 by the time these updated dinosaurs go on sale…

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  1. That’s a very ugly looking mod. It doesn’t match the rest of the body. The new Tahoe which I’ve seen from the pictures floating around on the internet looks amazing. The Displacement-on-demand and the optional hybrid drivetrain should definately help out fuel economy and keep people from fleeing.

  2. I think this was actually on sale in some south American markets.

    As far as the new Tahoe is concerned, I would never call it “amazing”. Only very few cars on the road look “amazing”.
    The Tahoe will just be another brick. A slightly smoother one, but still a brick that in no way should be popular as a family car in this century.
    It does look better than the current one, but what doesn’t.
    Even with Displacement on demand (which saves only about 2 or 3 MPGs), this thing will cost more to run than almost anything else you can use to transport a family of 4 or 5.
    It is completely irresponsible.

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