2006 BMW X3

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One of the cheapest and worse looking SUVs on the market is getting a few,much needed, improvements for the new year.

Gone is the cheap looking black plastic all over the bumpers. It made it look about as expensive as a base model 1985 Toyota Tercel…
The black stuff you see here is just camouflage and it will come off.
You can see almost all the other changes on these pictures.The front end especially, was made a bit more agressive.
I think the engines will just follow the ones available in the new 3 Series.

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  1. I’ve driven this thing a few times, and while it’s an entertaining vehicle to drive, it’s butt ugly and has a ride to match. Talk about harsh!

  2. to be honest, that looks pretty good compared to what BMW is putting out these days. why bmw has insulted their customers with just ass backward and inept tecnology is beyond me, but hell, if anything, the wheels look pretty good. lol

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