2006 Honda Accord Coupe

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Not as many changes as the sedan, but it didn’t need it. I am always surprised how good looking this car is, every time I see one.
I recently drove an EX V6 and was extremely impressed. What a car for the price. A solid, good looking and refined ride. (and retaining almost half of its value after 3 years!). I would only wish for a glass roof, but that’s just me…

The changes are actually pretty nice, giving the car just a bit more character.

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  1. Is it me or is Honda making the Accord look more and more like the Taurus? That shot of the rear end yells “cheap ford sedan”

  2. This time the Accord Coupe didn’t need to much changes on the exterior but Honda decided to put that Acura-like middle light, raised trunk-lid and a front grille that looks kind of an Acura again. The Accord Coupe is a wonderfully designed car and let’s hope Honda won’t destroy the styling in 2008 when the Accord is supposed to undergo a total redsign. Lastly I think the Accord Coupe looks kind of fat near the back.

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