2006 Honda European Civic

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A truely futuristic design for the European Civic.
Notice how the navigation system is integrated into the top of the dashboard. A much nicer solution that what we have in the US Civic.
And I do wonder if they use better materials. It is, after all, much more expensive in Europe…

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  1. One question…
    I mean, excuse my ignorance, but why do they get a better/more expensive version of the same car? I’ve seen this many times but the other way around though…

  2. I much prefer the design of this dash compared to the US version. I’ll reserve final judgement til I see them in person.

  3. They are better in Europe (like the Focus) because that size of car is not considered entry level.
    It is pretty much the size of an average car over there. therefore, more expensive.
    $20000 to $25000 at least. At that price, you can make a Civic with a nicer interior.

    The mystery to me is, how do some of the other guys do it??
    The Golf is the same in the US. And it’s not that much more than a Civic, even here.
    The Mazda3 is sold here and there. The same version.
    But Ford claims the new focus would be too expensive for here….

    I think we’re being served a main course of BS.

  4. I’m curious about what seems to be a rear hatch that ends as part of the bumper. I would guess that any impact with the rear bumper would cause potentially expensive damage to the entire rear hatch. Does anyone have any insight into this possible design flaw?

    Outside of that, I love the design. The lightbar might wear out my favor quickly, but it is much better looking than the US version. Some of the detail, such as the exahust tips molded into the rear bumper, is really great.

  5. I am living in England and can give some background on this. While the car was designed in Japan, it will be built in England and sold exclusively in Europe (at least that’s what Honda says). About it being more expensive. Honda has made a conscious decision to move the Civic upmarket. it will no longer compete in the Corolla/Megane/307 space, but it will be priced to compete directly with the Golf and BMW 1-series. Engine choices are 1.8 and 2.0 litre petrol and 2.2 diesel (from the Accord).

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