2006 Honda Pilot

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Nothing new… But this time it’s official.
Goes to show you the spy shot I posted a while ago was the real thing.

They just make it look more like their Pick Up truck, in case anyone thought this was a car (which it is) . Or not macho enough.
The whole thing has always been really ugly to me, so the new front end doesn’t ruin it.

Inside, the same 1940’s style column shifter…With no bench seat. Does that make any sense to anyone????

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  1. Honda has always been rediculously conservative in running their business. Their products are usually very succesul but they are soo damn careful with renewing model lines and covering larger segments of the market even though, just as toyota has prooved, they oculd probably do it with great success.

  2. Honda has been a wonderful designer in cars in years with the Civic, the Accord(1998-2002), CR-V, Del sol and so much more. But I think Honda should’ve rethinked the front and rear design as the front looks like a Ridgeline not bad but to squared, the rear is 4 red light slapped together. The Pilot still has that column shifter and I wished it was on the console but maybe they didn’t do it because it would interfere with the storage spaces out front.

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