2006 Toyota Prius

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Small changes for the new year. The front lights have been redesigned. I have no idea why…
And the interior is now available with factory leather. But wait! it’s not leather!
It is some kind of new man made material.

And don’t call it Vinyl or Leatherette either!

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  1. I see a design trend here in the 3 very different vehicles you just posted, the Audi TT, BMW X6 and Honda Pilot.

    Check out the headlamps on each; see how they are vertical but slanted almost like crescent moons?

    The Prius especially reminds me of the headlamps on my wife’s 2005 Maxima, which I like. Now if only I could get used to its fugly grill . . .

  2. Oops, sorry. They’re not shaped like “crescent moons” at all. I’m not sure what to call the shape; cat eyes?

  3. I think the Pilot’s lights are more square then the others. The Audis are very soft looking.

    By the way, how do you like the Maxima? I really like this car. I know the engine from driving the Altima and Murano, but I really like the Maxima interior. That is one modern looking sedan.

  4. We are pleased with the new Maxima. You’re right, Vince, the interior is very modern, especially in black leather. There is a bit of button overload on the console at first, but you get used to it somewhat. That part could be simplified.

    The cool glass roof thing is one of the more modern touches in any car on the market car.

    The engine, at 265 horses, is a bit of overkill but I’m not complaining. And it’s very smooth shifting. The only problem I have, and maybe it’s just my driving style, but the car is jerky when accelerating, especially at low speeds. Is that the front wheel torque? Maybe it’s because I’m spoiled by driving my Jag XK, which is such a plush, if not sublime, ride. I think the Maxima is an excellent value for the combination of style, power and options. The only glaring thing is a poor turning radius, which makes it clumsy to manuever in parking lots and drive ways.

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