2006 Volvo C30

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Also from inside the design center, this really looks to be the upcoming “small Volvo”, the S30.
A 2 door hatchback based on the S40 sedan.
This should be out early next year.
From that picture, it doesn’t look as good as the Concept they showed us a few years ago. So let’s hope this IS NOT it….

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  1. You’re right, Vince; it doesn’t look as good as the concepts. The rear pillar and windshield should be more perpendicular to the rear bumper.

  2. It’s looks like an old Korean car with Swedish styling. The styling is more of a boring type with sport styling mixed in it and that does not make it look better than the Volvo S40,V50,and C30 or even worse! Note the trio S40(sedan), V50(wagon), C50(convertible) and soon C30(coupe). What is Volvo doing here?

  3. there concept?——their is possessive——there means yonder–next time try using the english language properly

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