2006/7 Audi TT

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These also come to us from Germany.
But I am not sure what they are, illustrations od official pictures. Some areas, like the shadows and the 4 seater proportions,make them look a bit fake.
But car makers do use Photoshop in their official and brochure pictures anyway. Where they combine the car into a different background. So this alone would not make these fake.
And this is pretty much what the next TT is supposed to look like anyway. This is a very good looking coupe, but they shouldn’t call it TT.
I say they’re real (maybe…).

What do you think?

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  1. I really like the looks of this Audi. Huge improvement over the TT. Which was alway cool, but not the most masculine car on the road.

    This thing looks a lot bigger. I hope I haven’t been swayed by the full-length Audi commercial that was number one at the box office this past weekend. (Transporter 2).

    My first 2 cars were Audi Coupe GT’s, an ’82 and ’85. Man I loved that car. Haven’t really had the desire to go back until looking at this thing.

  2. I don’t mind the look of this coupé (except the back lights that are too close to the ones from the A4… A coupé like that one should have outstanding back lights…) as long as it’s not the new TT.

    The new TT should keep the same proportions and look like a toy as it looks now.

  3. this cant be the new tt, the first pic is an audi a6 sportline cut into 2 doors(i have this wallpaper on my comp), and second, i doubt they would completely abandon the old desighn, this looks more like an a4 coupe, and a bad photoshop of one……..

  4. I would agree with the above, that this looks a lot like other photoshops and descriptions of the coming A5 (the 2 dr coupe version of the next A4).

  5. It’s not a TT. For all i know it could be official, but not a true TT for these reasons. the original TT broke styling boundries and was a truely exceptionally styled car, which still looks fresh 6 years on. This new car, although attractive does not look like how a TT should look. For this reason the new TT (if this is it will be a great disapointment stylistically). In much the same way the new Dodge charger was a massive let down because of the expectations the badge brings with it.

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