2007 Chevrolet Tahoe

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I am not a fan (understatement) of full size truck based SUVs.
So the all new Tahoe isn’t very good news to me. I just wish they’d disappear all together…
But as long as some people use them as family cars, GM will keep redesigning them every few years.

It is better looking and not as clunky as before (But what else isn’t).
The bigger news to me is the all new interior. It actually looks great! Almost VW like, without the plastic bits falling off.
From the pictures, it has a very high quality feel, and it looks very modern. I just can’t believe it. (except for the old and clunky column shifter).

GM seems to finally get it. Although I must say I was quite a bit disappointed in the HHR interior quality that wasn’t up to the preproduction models I had sampled last year.
But it’s is still pretty good. And so is the new Impala.

I hear about 6.0 and 6.2 Liter engines for this. Great for towing a house, or even a couple of horses. But completely irresponsible when just used to take a couple of 4 year olds to school…

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  1. I’m not a GM fan but this is great work. Look at that interior! Now that GM has perfected its initial quality ratings, it should now concentrate on getting rid of those f***ing OHV engines… We’re in 2005… every engine should be DOHC… or something similar…

    P.S. The dash looks like the one from the chevrolet optra/suzuki forenza… but it’s still great.

  2. change

    I just wish they disappear all together…


    I just wish they would disappear altogether…

    If you’re going to correct someone, do it right.

  3. This is what the Tahoe/Yukon should have looked like 5 years ago. It’s a definite improvement, but considering what it’s replacing, that’s not saying much…

  4. this car is a huge step forward, the plastics look good, the interior desighn is more than one color, cheap black or tan everything everywhere, a huge step forward, for gm, and american cars in general, if the tahoe interior looks like this, i wonder what the escalade will look like….

  5. It is a HUGE improvement.

    BTW, GM is reporting that the 5.3 liter V-8 (with Displacement on Demand and a 6 speed auto) will get 20.5MPG in combined driving. The question is if this is a real world figure or an EPA figure. Either way, it’s a big improvement.

    The only thing they got wrong is the 2nd and 3rd row seating. You still cannot fold either row into the floor for a flat surface. You have to remove the seats. The Expedition has had this ability for quite some time now, partly because of it’s unique IRS design.

    Oh, and of course the Tahoe doesn’t have IRS.

    So how long do we have to wait for a diesel V-6 geared for economy, rather than towing?

  6. if u want to see the cadillac go to autoweek.com, and under forums, their is something called future sheetmetal, find the 07 escalade and the pic is there.

  7. seriously…how do you get all the pics before everyone else…i think you consistently beat every single other car internet or print source for pictures on almost every new car coming into the market…these interior shots are the first i’ve seen

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