2007 Ford Edge

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I beleive this to be the real thing. It matches exactly the various spy shots that have been around for a few weeks.

Based on the same platform as the Fusion/Zephyr, it also shares the engines. The base with have the 2.3 Liter. Then the 3.0 V6. And the top of the line will have the long awaited 3.5 Liter V6.

The Lincoln version of this wagon will also replace the Navigator. (and use the same name).
Let’s hope they do make the Navigator look like the Concept shown a couple of years ago..

With the Edge and the Fusion, it looks like Ford has 2 great cars in the Mid sized market. Finally.
Poor GM has the Malibu. And the G6 doesn’t seem to set the market on fire.
And Chrysler takes forever to come out with a new Sebring.
Fusion has been getting many praises, including ones about quality.

I just hope the edge finally means the death of the Explorer as a family car…

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  1. Agree 100% about hoping Explorer will be replaced, but not counting on it. People love those things, but I think the Explorer is a POS.

  2. I agree with “anonymous.” My memory is that the cool concept was called an Aviator.

    I don’t think this platform is big enough to be the Navigator.

  3. I agree the platform doesn’t look big enough to be the Navigator but the styling of the Edge really has an “ëdge” to it. With Volvo styling on the sides and with some Fairlane styling in the front it looks flashy.

  4. You’re all right. I meant the Aviator, not the navigator.

    I was talking about the cool Aviator concept they showed us before. From the looks of the Edge, it seems that the Aviator will be very close to that concept.

    A good thing for Lincoln. I actually can’t wait to see the new Zephyr. If you forget the great looking concept, the production Zephyr is actually a very decent looking mid sized car. With a cool retro 1970’s interior.
    And it is pretty loaded for under $30 000, before incentives!
    I think the Zephyr and new Aviator should do wonders for Lincoln.

  5. I would suggest taking that image off of your website due to legal actions Ford has taken from earlier when this picture first leaked out

  6. You would thing with how nice looking this thing is Ford would love to have the picture floating around. It will take peoples mind off what they have on their lots now.

  7. I think they have quite a few interesting things on their lots now.
    The 500 isn’t the most exiting thing to look at, but a very decent offering as a large sedan.
    The Mustang seems great, and is doing very well.
    And the Fusion should be doing really good.
    Their trucks will always sell.
    the only bad apple is the old Focus. But that won’t last forever either…
    I think the combos Edge/Fusion and Aviator/Zephyr could be big surprises….

  8. “Did you get in trouble for that pic? That sounds like a ford PR guy writing?”

    …… No comments……..

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