2007 Land Rover Freelander

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From England we cat this illustration revealing what the next, all new, Freelander might look like.

I think this might pretty close to the real thing. Land Rover people say the Freelander won’t be as stylish as the new LR3.
Whatever that means.
It is based on the new European Focus platform which is also used by the Mazda 3 and the Volvo S40. The next Volvo S60 will also use a version of that platform.
Only 40% of the platform is actually shared between the various brands.

Engines in Europe will be new as well. But the US version will use a Ford V6. Not sure which one yet, but the 3.0 Liter seems to be the obvious choice ( they use it in everything) . Unless they squeeze the new 3.5 Liter in there. It should be ready by the time the Freelander comes out. In the fall of 2006.

It will also be built in a Jaguar factory.
Jags are now actually known for their good realiability. Much better than the current Freelander. And even better than BMW and Mercedes.

All this is good news for the small Land Rover. A car based platform and more reliable…
I actually really liked the look of the “facelifted” one that came out with a new front end and revised interior a couple of years ago. I’m not sure why they are so rare in the (SUV country) US…

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  1. Looks like a miniature LR3 but not as stylish. Also looks like a tall Mini Cooper with a Landrover front. But it stills looks alot like the current Freelander which is below average.

  2. When you look at the headlights, their styling recalls the Xterra! I think the entire design is a good indication that Land Rover is serious (not that the LR3’s styling is bad or ne thing) about competing with other SUV makers out there that having amazing designs. (Lexus EX330 anyone?) My only objection is… Why the hell does this world need another SUV!??!! Gas is 3 dollars a gallon! IS ANYBODY smart enough and unselfish enough to by something that gets better gas mileage??

  3. stop slagging off SUVs, especially the Freelander, most are sold with economic diesel engines, and even those which were sold with Petrol engines were sold with the MG Rover K series V6 engine which was quite economic! Maybe people should stop buying big sloppy american cars with ancient 5liter engines and uneconomic and uninvolving slush boxes?

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