2007 Lexus LS

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This Japanese illustration is the 1st realistic look at the next lexus LS.
While a regular 5.0 Liter V8 with 390hp should be available. The big news are about the new Hybrid version.
It should make over 500hp and still return a combined 30mpg!
Quite an amazing acomplishement.
While poor old Mercedes and BMW have recently introduced concept hybrids of their cars, Lexus is going ahead with production within a year!
It is actually a much better set up for the US. I don’t think they can sell many of these in Europe, where diesel is king, and Luxury cars already get 30mpg.

A coupe version of this car has alreaady been spied testing in Germany. And they are talking about a long wheelbase version that could come a year or 2 after introduction.

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  1. Hmm… looks like Lexus is fighting for the top spot again. After being trumped by Mercedes and Infiniti this car looks like it’s finally a huge contender.

  2. …yuck that is not at all nice looking. It looks like a cross between an old Mazda 929, and BMW 7 series.

    Hope they don’t think this is better than the LS thats out now.

  3. Hmmm Vince, do you think this is a photoshop? Looks awfully like the sideview of the GS – especially the front lights. Don’t recognise the rearlights admittedly.

  4. Yes, it IS an illustration. But the side view doesn’t look like the GS to me.
    More like a cross between the current ES and the new IS.

    And the ES is all new early next year.

    When you think of it, the big LS has never been a really modern looking car. The current one looks like the S class from 3 generations ago.
    So the next one won’t even catch up with the new Mercedes.

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