2007 Nissan Skyline GTR

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This illustration from Japan shows what the next GTR might look like. (I think the actual thing might look much more agressive).
The GTR is based on what we know here as the Infiniti G35 Coupe.
The G35 will be new for 2007. And the GTR will be part of the lineup in the US for the 1st time.

They are already mentioning 450hp! (for whoever needs it over here, land of the 65mph freeways).

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  1. i guess its nice, but why not just create a performance version of the g35, like the m3. this car looks way to much like the g35 coupe to command a huge premium, or to be even considered in a class of cars like the nsx, corvette, 911, viper, etc. What happen to the concept it was going to be based on? that actually looked exotic.

  2. unless i’m mistaken, the g35 is the skyline in japan. the gtr should just a higher powered version of the g35 with additional body mods; just as the m3 is for the 3 series.

  3. i was under the impression the previous gtr, was nissans nsx, given that, and how exspensive the old gtr was, in comparison with the supra, rx7, etc.( and still is a $80,000 car, and over 100 with that last edition) the new one will be just as exspensive, but with styling that saids modified g35 coupe(starting at 33,000). if this thing costs any higher than 44 or 45, it will be pointless….period.

  4. the 07 Skyline GTR to me is HIDEOUS!!! absolutely discusting. I like the G35, but i definately prefer the 350Z over the G35..and this looks like a G35 had sex with the Celica …Japan should just stick with the original Skyline Body look and make suttin based on that…with its 450hp V8 and make it an ultimate Nismo Car!

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