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A few months ago, I posted a few pictures of a new Nissan called the Tilda.
Well.. The Tilda is coming to America. It will be built in Mexico, and renamed the Versa.

That is the “sub-Sentra” model they’ve been talking about for a while. I was hoping to see the Nisssan Cube over here instead.
The Versa is kind of nice, and kind of wierd looking at the same time. The exterior looks like a Renault design (from 4 or 5 years ago). But the interior looks more like US Nissans. A cross between the Altima and the Murano.
I think it is based on a Renault platform but not sure which one. The Megane platform is supposed to be used for the 2007 Sentra.

The Versa will be available in the Summer of 2006. The 3rd world looking sedan version will be on sale in the fall of 2006.

Now for the good news:
-It will start at $12000.
-Has a standard 1.8 Liter engine with 120hp and the automatic is a CVT!
-That combo is expected to get 38MPG combined!

A small but super roomy car that gets 38MPG can only be good news.
Nissan is the 1st Japanese brand to offer that kind of car in the US. Honda will introduce the Fit in a few months.
The Toyota Echo hasn’t been doing to well over here. And it is, well., small outside and inside.

Even though the car doesn’t look great, I am pretty exited about this. Nissan is doing a good thing.

But with such a roomy small car, it looks like the 2007 Sentra will have to move up in size. And what about the 2007 Altima??
Is everything going to get bigger???

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  1. I think the Versa sedan will be a flop becuase it looks like the outgoing Echo, dated and ugly. The trunk “tacked-on” look is horrible!
    Surely the Sentra will be a bit larger, probably the size of the previous generation Altima. But I think the Altima will stay the same size, otherwise it’d be as big as a boat.

  2. Christ what an ugly car. That is unreal. Does Japanese carmakers think you have to check your dignity at the door to drive a gas-sipping subcompact? The styling of this, Scion Xa, and the Echo indicates yes. They should call it the “Nissan Eunuch”.

    The Yaris looks much better than this freakshow. Better yet, they should bring back the early 80s Toyota Starlet!

  3. I am deeply, deeply apologetic for the grammatical error above: I should have said, “Do Japanese carmakers…”

  4. Do Japanese car designers go out drinking together at night? It feels like every single Japanese model, from a $70,000 Lexus to a $14,000 Versa has that same generic three interlocking ring gauge cluster and flat, “floating” center console. The uniformity is shocking. Someone please come up with something different!

    Kudos to the Honda Civic designers for making their new interior look like nothing else on the market!

  5. The hatchback looks kind of OK but look at the sedan! I mean it looks like an 80s car brought to life in the 21st century. I think for Nissan to bring the Versa out it looks totally dissapointing especially that weird-looking sedan.

  6. Not too bad, but I’d wait to see what the Honda Fit offers, and at what price. If you compare it with the competition, this is how it stacks up (adding side air bags and ABS, as well as basic power equipment p/w etc), including delivery:
    Nissan Versa $14,430
    Scion xA $13,895
    2006 Kia Ri9 $13,985
    2007 Honda Fit/2006 Toyota Yaris $?????

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