2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser

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For the 1st time, we can see what the production interior looks like. And it looks great. As good as the exterior.
The only problem I see with this “truck”, is the fact that the only engine avaialble is a big thirsty V6.
With gas as expensive as it is now, the 20 something crowd might think twice…

The retro Toyota looks more macho than the Honda Element, but the 2.4 Liter engine in the Honda might be more in touch with current times.

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  1. The Toyota FJ Cruiser looks kind of funny on the interior with some panels having the same colour as the exterior and the rear “quad” doors are smaller than the Element’s as you can see from the rear seat. You’re right Vince the thirsty V6 might be the last thing Toyota doesn’t need. Just put the Camry LE engine into it and it’ll be almost perfect!

  2. Compaired to the Element, the interior looks much smaller. I guess it’s because the larger engine needs a larger engine bay which cuts out of the interior space. If you look at the Element’s hood compaired to this one, the Element’s hood is much shorter.

    Another down fall that I see as well, is that the back seats look “fixed” to the floor. They should make them to where they can fold out of the way to open the back to carry a lot of cargo… I guess the Element takes that prize, too. I’ve been able to fit many sheets of plywood into the back of my Element (with it sticking out the back a bit, of course). And I find, that even though I don’t do that often, it makes itself very useful when I need to.

  3. The seats are designed to fold flat that is probably why they are fixed to the floor. It isn’t an apple to apple comparasion between this and the element. The FJ is designed to be offroaded, the element is not. If you prefer driving on a road to your destination then by all means stick to the element.

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