Chevrolet Vectra

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I just can’t get enough of this. A good looking compact sedan from GM. But for Brazil only.
It is based on the German Opel Astra and NOT the larger Opel Vectra. (Names are confusing).
Like I said before, it does look like a smaller Saturn Aura (Which IS based on the larger Opel Vectra).

So, why not make this the new Saturn Ion, and pronto!

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  1. Isn’t this about the same size as the Chevy Cobalt? If so, why not just restyle the Cobalt into an Ion?

  2. I would rather not have this as the Ion. The European Astra would be a much better choice and apparently we will see it on our shores in a few more years under the Saturn brand.

  3. It’ll better not be an Ion this time. The Vectra(exterior styling very, very similar to the Cobalt and the Pursuit(Availble in Canada only)). However it’s interior styling looks like a small car-based SUV. Apparently the Opel Astra or in some European countries, Vauxhell Astra is a better vehicle than the Vectra and probably see it on the shores of North America under the Saturn name in a few years possibly 4 or 6.

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