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I’ve talked about this one before. The Brilliance from Zhonghua. A mid size car that they claim, “competes with a mercedes E class”. Right…
At least not with a 2.4 Liter engine. But it was designed in Italy, and does look nice. And for 20 000 Euros, what do you want…

This one is the “landwind”. A blatant copy of the Isuzu Rodeo. But they already sell the Isuzu as an Opel in Europe!.
A pretty gutsy move, if you ask me, to sell the copy in the same market… Also for 20 000 Euros..
But look at the 3rd picture. That’s what happens at aroung 40mph!!!!
To be honest, the Rodeo sold in the US is one of the worst performer in crash tests. You would think the Chinese could have tried to improve on it…
Well… 20 000 Euros don’t get you a Mercedes SUV…

This one is a weird little coupe. Sort of a Solara on acid.
It’s coming up next year in Europe. With a really bad name: the Geely CD!

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  1. Ah… the Chinese. They can build a structure seen from space, but they can’t build a car that anyone’d like to be seen with.

  2. The first car also reminds me of the first generation of the Lexus GS. The 2nd car is a 90s Isuzu design with a modern interior. The 3rd car is like a Mercedes SLK gone under kimotherapy.

  3. It’s not uncommon (outside of the US) for manufacturers to sell the blueprints and tooling of previous models to other automobile manufactuers.

  4. I know what you’re talking about. I’ve seen the “Turkish Renaults” and the “Chinese Peugeots”.
    But that’s not the case here. They are just plain stealing designs. Thanks to very weird Chinese copyright laws.

    You can buy “the War of the Word” DVD in Beijing right now for one dollar!!!!
    Official release had to lower their prices to $4 in China just to be able to compete with illigal DVDs.

    A crazy situation for all western properties…

  5. This car is known in China as the Geely Beauty Leopard. I think it looks like a copy of a Chevy Cavalier body.

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