Crazy Suzuki Concept #2. The LC

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This rear engine concept also looks like a lot of fun.
A blend of old European designs, with a bit of 60’s Hondas and a sprinkle of Columbo’s car.

That’s the kind of car that makes your day when you see one on the road. Imagine driving it…

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  1. Delightful design. Even though this is very “cute”, it isn’t overly girly (and the retro aspect isn’t pathetic as it often is). It makes me hate the Nissan Versa even more!

  2. This one is a real retro design for Suzuki. It copies many of the styling details of the original Suzuki 360 from the late sixties. I’m looking for a picture of one, but did not find it yet.

  3. It’s nice to see Suzuki is hard at work designing cars for the next “Roger Rabbit” movie. Ghastly isn’t strong enough a word to describe this cartoonish POS.

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