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From Italy we get this illustration of what the production version of the Trepiuno concept (in white) could look like.
It will be called teh 500, to cash in on the popularity of the old Fiat model.
That looks pretty close to me. I really think the production model will look really close to this.
Seems like everyone wants at least one retro design in their lineup. And it’s usually when they’re desperate.

Fiat needs something popular right now, anything….

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  1. Vince, what about the Fiat Panda? It’s selling really quickly and surely is a landmark car for Fiat? There are loads in the UK, a country which doesnt buy many Fiats!

  2. It’s just the way they measure HP this year. Different calculations. I guess it comes from the feds, or something.
    Most other cars have also different numbers. But nothing has actually changed.

    What does this has to do with the Fiat 500?????????

  3. Now that we are obviously getting WAYYYYY off of the subject here, let’s talk about this supposed horsepower change. The Honda Ridgeline is now 247 HP when last year it was 255?? Weird huh? and The Accord V6 was supposed to jump from 240 to 260, but instead, it went up 4 horsepower. I don’t know what has happened, but I will research it more. Now, about the Fiat, I actually think this is one of the best production cars that is based on a concept that I have ever seen. I mean, the production car looks better than the concept!

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