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Look at these guys. Don’t they all look like they were selling used cars last week?

They are trying to convice the audience that:

1 A convertible based on the $24000 S40 is worth $35000.
2 This is a real “new” car, (so just look at the front).
3 This is a real Cadillac.
4 Well.. This guy is just not used to introduce an attractive Opel that people really want to get…

I’ve been to a few of these “press days”. And all these guys do is tell the press how their new models are the best cars in the world.
A car “for the driver”, “special”, “our best one yet” etc…
It is a smorgasbord of corporate BS.
I only see these guys as the geniuses behind the borring designs, the cut back in quality, the bean counting and the refusal to believe that in 2005, most people want a modern car that doesn’t look like it was designed in 1985…

I know, I know.. They’re not all like that. Some of them (very few) are real car people.

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