Hyndai Accent hatchback

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1st picture.
And it looks pretty nice with blacked out windows and huge wheels. But this is a concept version with a 2.0Liter turbo engine.
So who knows what the actual think will look like. Or even if it’ll be available over here…

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  1. The Hyundai Accent Hatchback looks sporty and looks a little like what would look like a 2 dr Chevy Aveo or in Canada also Suzuki Swift+. The wheels on this concept look alot like the ones on the Mazda 3 GT. The blacked-out windows and the headlights make the car look even sportier. The one shark fin on the side makes it look a little like something that would cost 30 000 US although the name would need justifying.

  2. Oh and which car’s payment is due, Vince? Oh not being a spy or anything I just want to be curious. Thank You!

  3. I wonder how many horses are under the turbo and how many pounds of torque are under the 2.0L. Hyundai usually looked bland but this version might just turn it around for Hyundai with the Sonata.

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