Hyndai Accent hatchback

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Again, this is a concept. But what a nice looking sub-compact!
Let’s hope the production version stays close, and also keeps most of the interior..

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  1. Right! Even in the past 5.
    They need to move up before the Chinese competition comes in and takes the low end market over.

  2. Hyundai has been improving their quality, style and whatnot since the reports came out about the unreliable Pony and such and such. But in the last 5-20 years Hyundai has improved very, very, very, very, very, significantly. I think Hyundai should be proud of itself with its Sonata, 2007 Accent, 2007 Santa Fe although I was a little disappointed when Hyundai annouced it was going to produce a minivan instead it will produce a Crossover-like minivan similar to an Pacifica except not so SUV.

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