Jeep Compass & Patriot

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Nothing new. We saw these before kind of…
It’s amazing that Chrysler decided to use such facke looking photos as official press material.

The Compass is Jeeps’s version of the Mitsubishi based Dodge Caliber.
As for the Patriot, who the Hell knows! It looks way to close th the Liberty to me…

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  1. The Jeep Compass which is based on the Dodge Caliber as you, Vince said. It looks too much like it. On the other hand the Jeep Patriot seems like an replacement for the Liberty as it looks very similar but it isn’t. The Compass looks a little sporty on the photo while the Patriot looks like an mintaure Jeep Commander with a front and some side windows that look like an Liberty.

  2. Hey thats what i thought too about the patriot, and ure probably right because i have the feeling the liberty line won’t be carrying over. The compass is pretty cool though.

  3. The Jeep Patriot is not a replacement for the Liberty. The Liberty is alot more expensive than what the Patriot will be. The Patriot is supposed to be cheaper than a wrangler. It is basically competition for the Ford Escape, which is very popular.

  4. The Compass looks excellent for American tastes but Canadians like it a touch less sportier. The Patriot looks too much like the Liberty and it looks much bigger.

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