Mitsubishi 380

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These two look pretty exited, don’t they.
And that car looks familiar doesn’t it?
That’s because it is our good old (almost ignored) Galant.
It was new last year, and I almost never see one …

This new version is for the Australian market, and it could be similar to a revised Galant we might get as early as next year. The front end looks like the already revised Lancer.
Seems like that split grille they put on everything was short lived. They are now redesigning all their models to get rid of it.

I saw some spy shots of the interior which looked unchanged from the current US version, except some trims. Like, more wood…

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  1. The two tone with the wood trim are for the more conservative luxury models, the other models have darker interiors with silver highlights. There are also better shaped seats for the 2 sport versions – 380 VRX and the top of the range 380 GT

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