Mitsubishi Evo X/Lancer

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After last month’s hatchback concept shown in Europe, this one is very close to what we’llget over here as the new Lancer, and the Evo X models.
They did a great job. It almost looks as good as the hatch. And as you see, it is another (the 3rd in 2 years) front end design for Mitsubishi cars! Closer, this time, to the new Raider pick up.
Whatever… It looks nice.
It it seems that the compact car segment is really improving, with this, the Mazda 3 etc….
I can’t wait to see the next Sentra and Corolla.

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  1. First off, it reminds me of all those japanese animation. I have to get used to it. The style is much more in your face then ever.

  2. This could be a real winner if they brought it to market with minimal changes. Sadly, Mitsu has a history of poor follow-through with their concepts.

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