Mitsubishi Sportback

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As I mentioned before, this is supposed to be a preview of the next Lancer for the European market.

We will bet a sedan version of this for sure, but who knows. Maybe they’ll want to compete better with the Mazda3 and send us this one too…
It’s a great looking car anyway. Hatchbacks either look like coupes or wagons . This one looks more like a 4 door coupe. ( I would say the Mazda 3 hatch is more like a small wagon).
Just like the Civic concept show earlier, this one has a “secret interior”. So maybe that’s a sign it looks a lot like the production model.

Let’s hope…

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  1. It doesnt look to real to me, that secret interior probably hides the fact that they didnt build one for it. Also, while im not one of those people who demeans every car by comparing it to something else, the back of this one seems very similar to the new alfa romeo. As for the rest of it, real cool but its got too much of that blah concept designing to it.

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