More Saab interior?

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That’s the Impala. Looks like the revised Saab interior now shares its radio unit with other north American models…

I’ll have to make sure, but it sure looks like it.

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  1. I know!
    So does the Solstice and all redesigned US GM cars from 2006 on.
    You would think they’d change it for the “luxury brand”.
    I don’t think Volvo radios look like the one in the Mustang…

  2. On the other hand, is it worth the money and time to change the appearance of the radio just to make it different? Who really cares about such minor details?

  3. The interior is exactly the same with the exception of new (and almost certinly easier-to-use) radio and climate controls. What’s the point? Kind of reminds me of all the changes that were made to the Mitsu Diamante, and we all know what happened to that car…

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