New Scion XB

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Also from Japan.
You can see they are sticking with the cube shape. A good thing. And let’s hope it’s not getting much larger either.

The new XB is based on the new Yaris platform.
That’s pretty much all we know for now. All they should do is make the interior much more modern (the new Yaris is), and add a little bit more power.

Not sure when this is coming out. The current Xb gor minor revisions for 2006. So that would make the new one a 2008?

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  1. O my Gosh I hope that isn’t real because that is the UGLIEST thing I have ever seen. If cars could be mentally disabled looking, this one, and the rear end of the Chevy/GMC/Isuzu Colorado/Canyon/i280-i350 would be a retarded car.

  2. Eh… beltline looks high and the rear looks very plain and overly simple…. as well as borrowed from a Renault… but it’s still early, we’ll have to see what comes out of this 🙂

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