“not so cool” Solstice

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I just found out (from the official specs) that the Solstice does not offer side airbags.

That’s a big turn off in my book. Especially after watching side impact crash tests conducted a few months ago, showing a huge difference in safety between cars with and without that option…
And newer convertibles like the Mazda MX5, or even the New Beetle include oversized airbags on the side that also protect your head.
I think that is a big mistake from GM. That and the lack of Automatic for at least 5 month!

I just hope I’m wrong…

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  1. side airbag ? who cares.
    insurance company wants to save a few bucks and insistsing the whole world to have it.

  2. Why is crash performance for cars such a concern, yet nobody cares about their bad driving habits? People make a big deal about safety ratings, yet they drive like idiots (myself included) every day.

    Safety bags and reinforcements added to cars to meet safety requirements are like dead weight – only there in case of a crash event. If we all paid more attention to how we drive, there would be fewer accidents, and cars would be cheaper, lighter and hence more fuel efficient, and cost less to insure.

    Think about it.

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