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So far it is called a concept. But it doesn’t look as modern as the production Smart!

It is a bit longer, and they claim it has been designed with US ragulations in mind.
So maybe it is a preview of the US version of the next Fourtwo. I sure hope not.
This looks like a caricature of a small SUV or a Jeep Smart. This would be a major step backward for Smart if ever produced.

I guess the Germans think only SUVs will sell in the US. They are so scared of selling their small cars over here, they design them to look like trucks.


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  1. You’re right, Vince. Germans think bigger is better but now with rising gas prices it’s time to bring in the little cars. Vehicles like the BMW 1-Series would work or the A-Class from Mercedes but Canada is already getting a spotlight as Mercedes gets ready to introduce Canadians to the B-Class which America doesn’t get. The styling of the Smart Crosstown would be a small faliure to Smart and let’s pray all that this is just a concept and Smart will not introduce this car or even make a squared car like the Crosstown. Sure it’s bigger than the fortwo but the styling issue and the Hummer like side styling.

  2. My goodness does the Germans ever think right for a period of time. It seems that in concepts and pre-productions vehicles Germans always make a good design than get carried away and make a bad design. The Mercedes CLS Class is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Sure it’s a four-door coupe but do people want to buy it and the E-Class is much better in styling inside or outside. Smart would be making a big mistake if it rolls the Crosstown into production I think.

  3. Very well said.
    But I have to say, I really like the CLS. And I see a few almost every day in the Los Angeles area. But it IS less practical and much more expensive thann the E class. But style does sell cars. Always had…

  4. There is a three month wait for the Smart car in Canada. If they build this and bring it to Canada, we will buy every single one they bring here.

  5. i like it, its different, im not sure how it will sell in the us market, but it would be a nice try. and i would have to agree with the cls is nice looking, i can agree with point less, but nice looking, and an obvious jaguar influenced interior, but style doesnt always sell vehichles, hence the camry, accord, sonata, etc. and like wise the crossfire, prowler, ssr, and countless others, that had great styling and few other points……

  6. The problem with Crossfire, SSR etc.. Is that style is bundled with a high price for brands that spent the last decades ruining their reputations.

    These cars all look great, but not many people are willing the spend $35000 in a 2 seated Chrysler, or $45000 in a 2 seated Chevy truck. No matter how good they looks.

    And the Camry/Sonata sell because of what these other cars lack, quality.
    Watch the new “much better looking” Sonata. I bet sells will be much higher than before. Because of the design.

    Same story with the Altima since it was redesigned to look much better.
    And the next Camry will also sell even better, thanks to its much better looks.

  7. As an American I love the fortwo, but this retro Kuebelwagen Crosstown thing looks like an East European farm implement. If this is what I have been waiting for to buy in this country then I might as well go ahead and buy a mini!

  8. I could not disagree more. I think it looks awesome! This would outsell the fourtwo 2 to 1 easy. Bring it to the U.S. sooner the better!

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