2006 Lincoln Zephyr.

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That’s actually one of the best pictures I’ve seen of the small Lincoln.
Without the vulgar chrome wheels option.

A very nice car for the price. And discounts should be plenty, pretty soon.

Anyone here is actually considering this car?

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  1. I would consider one but it is simply too expensive for me. Not that the price is out of line, but I am more in the 18-23K range.

    That leaves me in Civic, Mazda 3, or even Fusion territory, not Lincoln. I do like the Zephyr (if not the name) and could very well consider one later.

  2. I hate the rear lights too. I would consider it if only Fisher- Price had not designed the rear. What a disappointment after the really nice concept car that could have swayed some A4 and G35 customers. This smells like a Cadillac Cavalier I mean Chevorlet Cimmaron all over again.

  3. I have actually driven the Zephyr, as the wife an I are looking to replace our “a bit too small” S40 with a new child on the way.

    First off, it looks much better in person, though not strikingly terrific. It could definitely use some tightening.

    OOH, the ES330 is one of the ugliest beasts on the road and it sells well. So, apparently exciting looks aren’t exactly mandatory.

    Anyhoo, I must say the Zephyr was a very nice piece. It was very well built, with a solid feel. The power wasn’t exactly breathaking, but useable. The fit and finish was great. The seats were fantastic. And the THX II sound system was unreal.

    That said, I have a few caveats. First, it shares the same key with the Fusion and Milan. I hate keys. Their sharp pointy bits are painful when you sit down and stand up. My Volvo hasa flip key (which is still a bit too big, but the Mazdaspeed6 and Miata both have a keycard system available. Both sell for less than the Zephyr. It should be inculded on the Zephyr.

    Second, why are HID $500 extra? They are standard on the Montego which sells for less.

    Third, no sport package. Ford should offer 18inch wheels, a slightly firmer suspension, and a more agressive face for sportier types. The Montego comes standard with 18″ rims, so should the Zephyr.

    All that said, if Lincoln comes out with a 3.5L AWD Zephyr ith a Sport Pack, I WILL buy one. And it will sit next to my wife’s 2007 Lincoln Aviator when they release it.

    I like the current version enough to buy it, but knowing that the 3.5 puts out more power AND gets better mileage is enough for me to wait.

  4. to explain my garbage comment, the real wood is a nice touch, the questionable silver trim looks cheap, the desighn is nice, the plastic everything door panel is cheap looking, as is the leather seats, the car looks way to much like the others cars like it, and yes it may look better in person, but it is like an elderly version of the concept, which was also boring. i guess going from something substandard like the s40, to a zephyr another obvious lincoln ford is ok, but this thing has nothing on my 2003 330i nice buick competitor though…..

  5. …I also own a BMW 3 series, a 1997. And, honestly one reason I didn’t trade it was I got sick of the poor quality and poorer service.

    Now that it is 8 years old, it isn’t even saleable. The headliner is falling off, which already happened 3 years ago on the a-pillars. peaking of a-pillars, I paid for a new set 3 years ago. Not to mention the leather peeled on my sterring wheel, replaced under warranty, the fuel pump when on the fritz at 48,000 miles, a situation that required legal threats to have it replaced under warranty, not to mention numerous other quality issues on they way.

    Does it drive like a dream? Hell yes. So did my Miata, and it didn’t cost me $1k for each of my 60k, 90k and 120k service intervals. Will I pay $40k for a car of quetionable reliablity from a company that acts as though they are doing me a favor selling me one? No.

    Maybe you won’t run into those issues, as I doubt you’ll own anything beyond 3 years.

    At 37, I’ll trade some sheer driving enthusiam for a company that WANTS its customers. And given that Lincoln has placed at or near the top of initial quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction over the last few years, I’m willing to take a chance on an up and coming brand, even if its aim isn’t on being the absolute best drivers car o nthe road.

    So, keep your snide comments and groundless assumptions to yourself next time. Some people don’t care to spend 330i money on a compact sedan, regardless of the Roundel on the hood.

  6. to correct you that would be lexus, cadillac, honda, toyota, even hyundai at times, while bmw is always near the top also, and reliability explain the ls, lincolns are garbage cars, cadillacs have even stepped away from them as competition , they will never catch bmw, or even acura, certainly not lexus and i doubt even cadillac ( who has actually made huge improvements) and if that isnt a big example of the fact lincoln is no longer a luxury car brand (the navigator is the best thing going for it), a jazzed up mustang for lincoln, how sad….thats luxury…. a blue collar luxury brand, im sorry wrong word deluxe brand.”

  7. oh yeah more proof it just a “delux brand”, the mark lt, a over chromed f150, which cost more, and is no nicer than the top models of f150’s that it looks just like, (cadillacs at least looks different), the town car, on an over 20 year old platform, and the suvs are decent at least, the aviator being a decent value., but the evidence is there, the zepyhr and future lincolns will just add fuel to the fire……

  8. …why do you care? You seem intent on tearing down the brand? Do you have something emotionally invested in hating Lincoln?

    I have given my reasons for liking the car, actually having driven it. Have you driven it? No? Hmmmm….

    I have driven an E46 330i, many times while my E36 was in the shop. So, I know what I’m not missing. Its fatter than my E36, and a bit less direct.

    I still revere the Roundel as an exciting autombile maker, but that does not mean I can’t enjoy a nicely made car for considerably less.

    $10k buys several vacations for the family. Maybe one day when you get married you’ll understand that there are other factors involved in automobile buying decisions than how fast it goes around a corner.

    My honest guess is that if you do have a 330i, you didn’t pay for it, and you’re likely 17 years old, given your “raised on IM” lack of punctuation.

    Maybe when it comes time for you to start toting the note, you might not exactly run out and pay 7 bills a month a freakin’ conveyance just to have the little propellor on the hood.

  9. As I said before , I don’t care who makes the car as long as it’s agood one.
    And for many years, BMW has made cars with a lot of problems. It also seems to get worse!

    I can’t understand whay anyone “hate” a perticular brand…Why?? These are just cars…

    Lots of people used to make crap. Remember Hyndai15 years ago?
    The new Sonata is anything, BUT crap.

    And Iafter sitting in the Zephyr, I was impressed. So the metal trim isn’t real metal. Same as Lexus.
    The interior is pretty unique, and very well made.
    And the outside, although not as cool as the concept, is very nice. And does look different enought from the Fusion cousin.

    I think the concept was based on the Mazda6 frame. And the actuall car is based on a setretched verion of that frame.
    So the proportiosn are all different.
    It’s not an excuse, but…

    I’m willing to give anyone a chance.
    The main problem I see in th e Zephyr is resale. And image.
    Would anyone under 60 tell their friends they drive a Lincoln..
    As far as resale is concerned, maybe discounts might take care of most of the lost..
    You know in 6 months otr so, you’ll be able to get a loaded Zephyr for around $30 000.
    And that will be a great price on a very good car.
    No matter who makes it…

  10. There is so much competition in the mid-sized sedan class that the Zephyr will just blend in with the rest of them. The Ford Fusion is essentially the same car, but will be much cheaper because it’s a Ford and not a Lincoln.

    Even if the Fusion, Milan, Zephyr siblings are good cars, I think past history will lead more wise buyers to Honda Accord, Acura, Lexus, or the soon to be introduced all-new Camry. These cars are of known superior quality and Ford-built cars are not.

    For anything remotely sporty in a similar car for less money, the Mazda 6 on which the Ford cars are based is probably a better choice.

  11. Given Cadillac great turn around in product and quality, judging product based on the past is not “wise.” Especially since if you go back 20 or 30 years Lincoln built very high quality vehicles. It was only in the late 80’s and 90’s that imagination and production at Lincoln fell off the map.

    That said I am dissappoint that Ford has not stayed closer to the concept vehicles. This case and the Aviator are perfect examples. I was planning on an Aviator after I saw it at the 2003 NAIAS, stunning vehicle. Someone, not sure who got a hold of it and left the truely cool, creative stuff on the design floor:( Now what do I buy???

  12. …btw, I stopped by to look at one of the interiors other than Sand at the dealership where I test drove one. They showed having 5 online. I got there and all but one were sold (it had the Sand interior).

    Not bad for no advertisement and a couple weeks in a relatively small market (city under 1mil).

    The wife saw a pic of the new Aviatro online and now she’s Jonesing for one. I had to break the news to her that it would be late next summer at best.

    She was bummed. Damn you Lincoln!

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  14. I drive an ’02 LS and think it’s great. I like the look, the ride and the comfort and quiet of the interior. I think the look of the interior is way superior to the the Zephr. I was hoping to get a Zephr to save the $$ over the LS. But now I find I can’t get into it. I dont like the rims and I dont like the interior at all. I find I am looking at the other competitors now including the new Saturn Aura and the Lexus IS. Dont like the ES. Too bad, I was a happy Lincoln customer.

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