2007 Dodge Nitro

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As you can see, the Dodge Nitro SUV will look almost 100% the same as the so called concept they showed us last year.
That concept was actually a production model with a few tweaks.
And it will be the same with the Caliber.

The Nitro is based on a longer version of the Jeep Liberty frame. So don’t expect a Lexus ride and handling…
At least it has its own design and interior.
Engines will be the same as well, and even the Diesel from the Liberty should be available in the US.

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  1. i guess daimlerchrysler is taking the gm, if u cant compete with real competitors, make the divisions compete with each other, pointless……

  2. No, DCX got tired of all of their Dodge dealers complaining that they don’t have an SUV to sell that is smaller than the Durango.

    I honestly don’t expect this will caniblize Jeep sales either. This looks like a guys SUV where the majority of Libertys are sold to ladies.

  3. Even though it’s geared to men, does the interior need to have such sharp edges? It looks like it’s poor quality enough to cut your hands…guess you are suppose to be macho enough to handle that?

  4. If you think this is poor quality, wait till you see the Dodge Caliber interior…
    If that’s the best they can do to compete with the Mazda3, New Civic or Golf.. It’s pretty scary.

  5. How can anyone tell what the final product will look like from these already published pictures?

    Ishurly hope it doesn’t ride like a Lexus as you pointed out!!! Do we really need another soft riding bad handeling over priced boring Toyota?

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